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German music producer Sublab teamed up with vocalist JiLLi for their evocative new release ‘Sick of Saying Sorry’ on MONTA records.

JiLLi‘s poignant, visceral vocal synergizes flawlessly with Sublab’s dynamic beat building, and both drops provide a sweet release with layered, futuristic chops and vibrant chord progressions.

Sublab also celebrated the release last Friday with his first ever show in the U.S. at the MONTA records showcase in Los Angeles presented by Brownies & Lemonade.

Photo from @TeamBandL on Twitter

This likely is just the beginning of Sublab’s performances in the States.

’Sick of Saying Sorry’ marks Sublab‘s second release on Boombox Cartel‘s MONTA records, following his release ‘Geist’ in 2021.

Stream ‘Sick of Saying Sorry’ now:

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