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Space Wizard has dropped his first song of 2023, “Distortion Effect,” which follows his artistry in bass music as he blends high frequencies with low bass. 

“Distortion Effect” is just as mind-melting as his previous tracks. With distorted vocal samples and a boom-clap beat in the back, the single is a compelling track in its entirety. It was released on Space Wizard Music. 

Courtesy of Twitter

“Distortion Effect” builds anticipation throughout the almost-three minute song, eventually releasing all of the built-up energy in the drops. The last minute brings the track to an end with choppier, deeper basslines. 

The experimental dubstep producer has been in the game since 2016 and has certainly proven himself to be a dynamic artist. He is currently signed to United Talent Agency. He has released tracks on independent labels, Subsidia, and Cyclops Recordings, among others. 

While we patiently wait for an album from Space Wizard, we will continue to vibe to his singles and EPs.

Listen to “Distortion Effect” now on all streaming platforms. 

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