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The wizard conjures up a brand new 3 track offering that is sure to have fans exploring the deepest parts of their minds

Since his introduction in 2016, Space Wizard aka Mike Munnelly has brought together the old and new styles of bass music for the collective EDM community to enjoy. Boasting one of the most unique sounds in the industry, it’s no surprise that his songs have been played live by label head Liquid Stranger, Subtronics, Shlump, and ATLiens just to name a few.

His newly released 3-track EP, “Cosmic Conjuring”, is a cosmic journey perpetuated by deep bass and the intergalactic sounds that he has become synonymous with. 

“Cosmic Conjuring is basically me turning the page and doing more of an aggressive sound while still keeping the things that make my art unique”, says Space Wizard.

Giving listeners an insight into where his sound could be heading, these songs act as a step into a new direction as he expresses himself in a different side that his fans haven’t previously experienced.

“I’ve worked really hard to separate this not only in vibe but in production quality as well from my previous releases. All in all, I’m super excited for this EP to be heard.”

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