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Seven Lions and Dabin have become well-known names in the dance music industry with each amazing track release and each set they crush. They each have been known for creating tracks that resemble parallel styles that thoroughly complement the essence of one another. Dabin and Seven Lions teased a collaboration happening soon on Twitter, with no release date yet.

Photo by Rukes

Fans are excited to see how they will seemingly effortlessly combine their two authentic styles to create a collaboration that will hit everyone’s playlists. With each track and performance, fans continue to be blown away by the versatile talents of each of them as producers and artists.

While Seven Lions‘ typical style contains more pop lyrics with a combination of trance and dubstep basslines that add a unique flair to each track, Dabin is well-known for the euphoric feel-good essence of his music. It’s no doubt that Seven Lions has been crushing the scene for a while. Dabin has had quite a quick rise to popularity and has been collaborating with some big names resulting in some top-tier tracks.

There’s no slowing down for either of these artists, and it’s expected to be a collaboration that is truly music to everyone’s ears, combining their similar authentic styles to cultivate a unique and euphoric track.

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