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Last year, RZRKT gained a huge amount of traction and lifted himself up from the underground as one of the bigger emerging names in the bass music scene. In 2023, he’s capitalizing on the momentum he gained in the latter half of 2022.

His highly anticipated ‘Reborn’ EP kicks off his 2023 with a bang early on. This body of work showcases the abilities of his furious sound design, and lets the community know that he isn’t coming to play this year, and that he is in fact here to stay.

RZRKT announcing the official release of his EP.

Every one of the 6 tracks on the EP were getting rinsed before its release left and right by artists in the bass music world. But, on the biggest stages, 2 tracks in particular that were mainstays in Excision sets over 2022 were ‘Madness’ and ‘Reborn.’ X consistently showcases the best of the underground in his sets, no matter the stage, and RZRKT was one of those artists that you kept finding yourself wondering “I need to know what this ID is.” At Thunderdome, even the famous ‘G Shit’ buildup was transitioned into ‘Reborn.’

LOUIEJAYXX B2B RZRKT at Thunderdome was an opportunity to showcase the ‘Reborn’ EP on the biggest of stages. (@rzrktmusic on IG)

The EP has generated a massive response in the days since its release, and the people are already looking forward to more from him. Currently, one of his most highly anticipated IDs is ‘Silhouettes’ ft. Kambi on vocals. He also has collabs with each Layz and Vastive in the works, both of which look to be heavy-hitters that you’re probably going to know a lot more about soon.

Get familiar with the name now, if you haven’t already. RZRKT is quickly ascending in the realm of heavy bass, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Listen to the EP below:

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