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Just hours before the set was supposed to begin, it was revealed that Drake would not be closing the festival out and that Skrillex would take the slot instead. Lollapalooza Brazil posted the new set times with Skrillex, who had not been on the lineup previously, closing the night out.

The iconic producer was dropping throwback top-charters like “Bangarang” and “Chicken Soup,” as well as mixing tracks like Knock2’s “dashstar*.” Songs from his two newest albums, “Rumble” and “RATATA” kept the crowd bouncing. 

Skrillex also brought out Brazilian singer LUDMILLA to play her recent single, “Sou Má,” sending fans of both artists into a frenzy.  He closed out Lollapalooza with a solid and exciting set.

While electronic music fans were thrilled, listeners of Drake were less than excited. Lollapalooza Brazil issued a statement today that they would be offering refunds for the switch.

Skrillex has been sweeping through 2023 with massive success. His two most recent albums, Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close, have received mass support and he has been consistently playing shows since their release. His next scheduled set is in May at Hangout Music Festival in Alabama.

Watch Skrillex‘s Lollapalooza Brazil set here:

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