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Melodic bass savant and long time producer MitiS has announced that his next EP ‘Memories’ will drop this Friday.

This EP comes hot on the tails of his collaboration EP ‘Together’ which dropped this past October. ‘Together’ featured collaborations with Ray Volpe, Amidy, and Crystal Skies.

‘Memories’ has been endorsed as a very sentimental work from MitiS, paying homage to the OG MitiS sounds. The evocative instrumental melodies and punchy blissful drops that have been the core roots of MitiS production for near a decade will once again be brought to the forefront. Ergo, ‘Memories’ seems a fitting name for this latest MitiS work.

Whether a long time member of the MitiS Mob, or fairly new to his signature sound and artistry, ‘Memories’ looks set to deliver.

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