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Industry superstars Wooli and Excision never disappoint fans with each track more jaw-dropping than the last as their followings flourish with each release. It’s no doubt to dance music fans that the two embrace their unique styles to the fullest with new styles and developments to their talent showcased on every track.

While more and more artists have been attempting to put out music that resembles their classic sound with a touch of versatility that brings fresh new beats to the dance music scene, the heavy dubstep to house music pipeline isn’t one that we see enough.

It takes an incredible amount of talent in a wide range of different music styles to be able to successfully create both dubstep classics with heavy drops as well as unique house music that keeps the crowd overflowing with energy. Wooli and Excision and demonstrating just that with the tease that a house collaboration will be available soon.

This is the moment fans have been waiting for, speculating this may be a particular track that the two have teased before, and can’t wait to enjoy it in its entirety. Fans are eager to see how two artists who have been crushing the industry will expand their talents to another style of dance music.

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