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Once again taking us through “Deep Space”, the WAKAAN Label Head gives his “Misfits” the “Green Light” to take another trip with him through the “Extraterrestrial” cosmos.

It’s safe to say that 2022 is the year of the Stranger.

Following the Swedish-born musician bringing “B A L A N C E” back to the bass scene earlier this year, Martin Stääf has once again shown us that his penchant for legendary status is well and truly alive.

Kicked off by his DIMENSIONS tour last month, this four-track EP gives us a few spacey headbangers and will definitely add to his patented “Spaghetti Time.” Bringing his familiar high-quality production to each song on DIMENSIONS, Liquid brings the sound that made us all psychonauts but integrates it with even more contemporary electronic ambiance. With collaborations from Crooked Bangs, Yana Mahal and Sully, this EP offers a slightly different side of Liquid Stranger than we are us to.

On “Deep Space”, we are taken into an interdimensional black hole of sound, mixing alien-esque pitches with small intervals of wobbles to grasp that unique Liquid sound. For the hardcore fans of Mr. Stranger, you should know this song from his live sets, dating back to Lost Lands 2021.

A more melodic, mainstream side of his production, swinging drums and light synth arpeggiations present an upbeat beginning to “Extraterrestrial”, before segueing into the crisp alien synths that have pierced us for the better part of the last decade. Featuring Crooked Bangs, it presents a very pleasant, yet different Stranger tune.

In this long-awaited collaboration between labelmate and close friend Sully, Liquid pours a glass of rippling bass and reverberating cinematic synths on “Misfits.” With a hypnotizing progression punctuated by sidewinding chords, it serves as the epitome song on the EP.

The final song on the EP, “Green Light” serves as a good balance to finish off. Featuring vocals from Yana Mahal, this space-gangster ballad comes high with ragga energy, with downturned bass which will surely have the strangers feeling like liquid.

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