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Two months after performing at The Brooklyn Mirage, Black Tiger Sex Machine is uploading the entire ‘PORTALS’ livestream for everyone to watch. ‘PORTALS,’ the artists’ most recent audiovisual production, takes their apocalyptic multiverse to another level, preparing listeners for their ever-evolving sound and performances. 

For 1 hour and 20 minutes, fans are let into the immersive cyberpunk world that begins with a backstory before insane, high-quality visuals entrance viewers. Through the years, Black Tiger Sex Machine has curated an entire multiverse, and ‘PORTALS’ follows the narratives with their bass-filled setlist accompanied by lasers and a blend of flashing, color-specific screens, and continuations of their previous journey into Cyberworld.

The Brooklyn Mirage provides an interesting way of watching shows with LED screens behind and around the crowd. Black Tiger Sex Machine took full advantage of this on their livestream, showing the experience from numerous angles. Lights above the stage and on their distinct masks follow the beats. ‘PORTALS’ ends with the visual completion of this storyline, a fight between the characters. accompanied by ominous 

The setlist itself is interesting, traveling through their previous releases and mixing tracks like “RATATA by Skrillex and “Watch Your Step” by Joey Valence and Brae. Heavy electronic bass completely takes the venue over as their discography reflects the story on the screen. From bass house to trap and dubstep, the ‘PORTALS’ livestream truly highlights Black Tiger Sex Machine’s creative abilities.

Black Tiger Sex Machine took the ‘PORTALS’ tour around the United States this summer, debuting at Ultra Miami, and is finishing their production at Red Rocks on October 22nd. Even though the ‘PORTALS’ experience is coming to a close, they are playing festivals like Lost Lands and Nocturnal Wonderland. 

Their fourth album, PORTALS, is dropping this fall, so stay updated on their social media for updates. The duo is calling us back to Church and we are ready. Watch the full ‘PORTALS’ live stream of Black Tiger Sex Machine at The Brooklyn Mirage here: 

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