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Zeds Dead, the fan-favorite producer duo has been rocking the scene since the moment they stepped foot into it. Known for being versatile in numerous subgenres of dance music, Zeds Dead has amassed quite a cult following. This includes a range of hardcore ravers to people who wouldn’t even consider dance music one of their favorite genres. 

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With sets cultivated with a combination of dance music and remixes of popular sing-along songs, it’s no surprise they’ve managed to branch out to attract all kinds of music fans with their feel-good energy.

Zeds Dead has just announced Deadbeats vs. Cyclops Recordings in Miami, Florida on March 24. While Zeds Dead is already set to produce an epic display of wonky beats with exotic baselines, the other artists are unknown. Speculation has fans over the moon, gearing up to purchase tickets in preparation for a top-tier display of some authentic dubstep mixes and originals alike.

Photo by Brand1Films

It’s being speculated that the other headliner could be another fan favorite, Subtronics. They each represent an authentic niche that has greatly benefited them in bridging the gap between dance music and other genres. For many, Zeds Dead or Subtronics was the first dance music show they went to, or the producers behind the track caused them to fall in love with the scene. Fans are saying Zeds Dead back-to-back Subtronics would be an absolutely legendary trio and create the best vibes imaginable.

As a result of this, Zeds Dead back-to-back Subtronics would be an otherworldly, premium dubstep experience to never forget. This back-to-back would no doubt sell out and pack the stage, bringing some unreal heat to Miami this March.

Tickets went on sale Wednesday, January 25, here.

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