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Ophelia Records has officially released Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 6. The emotionally-charged volume includes eight songs by eight artists on the label. With a range of genres and dreamy tracks, the album is beautiful and a direct reflection of the artists’ abilities. 

Hoang and RUNN start the album with a heart-wrenching track. “People Change” highlights Hoang’s talent in capturing emotion through future bass and warmer tones.

“Back 2 You” by ROY KNOX holds onto its energetic melody despite getting a little heavier than the track before. ROY KNOX’s style is portrayed beautifully through his mix of drum and bass and melodic dubstep. 

The third track, “Confession,” by Nick Ledesma uses engaging drum patterns to build-up to a powerful drop.  “Don’t Stop” by KLAXX changes the vibe slightly with heavier, harmonious dubstep and classic electronic sounds. 

“We’re Dreaming” by ZOA is a mid tempo track with astral breakdowns and colorful, vibrating bass. The track truly makes the listener feel as though they are dreaming. “Eternity” by Blank Ages brings another mid tempo, future bass track to Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 6. The build-ups are just as intriguing as the drops.

REMNANT.exe’s “Aberration” plays with mechanical noises and fun, sporadic drops.

Alyun, an up-and-comer with only two songs released on Spotify completes the volume. “Callie (Cry About it)” has hard-hitting snares and a floaty vibe, closing the album with calming piano melodies. 

Ophelia Records is Seven Lions’ official record label and has garnered massive success since it began in 2018. This is the sixth compilation album that Ophelia Records has released in under three years.  The label raises independent musicians up and continues to do so in this album. 

All in all, Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 6 is a beautiful album with dreamy melodies and breathy vocals. Each song varies from the one before, but effectively carries emotional impact through the entire album.

Listen to Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 6 on all streaming platforms. 

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