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TYNAN is taking his music to new heights with what he refers to as his hardest song yet, “lozer.” He teased the track a few months ago, immediately gaining requests for a full version from listeners who brought the video to over 500,000 views. It is no surprise that “lozer” is bass-filled with unique soundscapes. 

Starting off strong with deep electric guitars and quick drum sections, “lozer” takes TYNAN’s dynamic sound to another level. The build-up pulls in more electronic elements and still ties in the heavy metal sound used at the beginning. After creating anticipation with a fake-out, it goes into an insane, space-filling drop with sporadic, other-worldly bass. 

When talking about the inspiration behind the song, he said, “For years, scientists have wondered, ‘What would it sound like if lasers were somehow sentient and decided to take over the world?’ I tried to answer that question with my song “lozer.” I don’t know if I got it right, but I like to think it’s pretty dang close.” 

TYNAN definitely met his goal, creating a track that turns the visuals of lasers into a sonic experience. His unique sound transfers to his live sets where he shows off his innovation as an artist and a person. With the release of “lozer” comes the tease of a headlining tour in the near future. 

The Oklahoma native has had an amazing year so far, finding success with his first funky release of 2023, “Ducks on Acid,” followed by his Oddball EP. On top of dropping his own hits, his flip of Skrillex’s “RATATA” continues to gain traction. “lozer” was met with the same support by fans and was being dropped by big names prior to the release.

The release of “lozer” is only the beginning of this era and we are excited to see what else he has in store. While we wait for more music from TYNAN and details on a headlining tour, watch the visualizer for “lozer” here: 

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