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Each year Lost Lands attendants and fans alike practice the privilege of reliving some of their best festival moments, from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re unable to make the festival for whatever reason or are serotonin chasing, you can always look forward to stepping into the digital recap of your favorite sets, and unforgettable moments.

A favorite festival of many and a bucket list destination for the rest, Lost Lands, which is put on by dubstep industry legend Excision never fails to exceed expectations each year. It’s clear that Excision and other organizers are passionate about fans experiencing the magic of Lost Lands, no matter when or where.

After the first wave of fan-favorite sets have made their way to Youtube and occupied fans for a few months, they’ve just announced that another handful of unforgettable sets will be available for fans to watch and relive as much as they’d like. These sets include Dion Timmer, Knife Party, Illenium, and Herobust sets. While it comes as no surprise, that doesn’t stop fans from being ecstatic to experience the magic over and over again.

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