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Sullivan King has delivered his third album, Thrones of Blood, successfully showing off his ever-evolving talent of combining electronic music and metal. Perhaps his heaviest record, Sullivan King has pushed his boundaries with a record that encompasses everything from anger to sadness.

“Watch the Crown Fall” sets the album up with dark tones, coming in hot and exciting with sudden changes in tempo, heavy drops, and crazy electric guitar riffs. The first collaboration is “Die By My Hand” with Vastive and Left to Suffer, a song with growling bass and matching vocals. “End of Us” and “Road Dog Anthem” show off Sullivan King’s signature style. 

The eleventh track, “Someone Else,” was the first song released, originally dropping three years ago in 2020. His works with Wooli and Ray Volpe, “Let Me Go” and “The Dead March,” were the next out in 2022. The first two explore the more-melodic sides of Sullivan King and Wooli, while “The Dead March” hits back with metal and heavy dubstep.

The producer released singles and collaborations from the album, ending with his and SVDDEN DEATH’s track “Pursuit of Violence.” His last two tracks with other producers include “Fall Apart” and “Riot” with Kai Wachi. The first is heavy and emotional, while the latter takes an opposite approach, encouraging listeners to turn up their aggression the entire way through. 

Title track, “Thrones of Blood,” ups the energy with a quicker tempo and hard-hitting drums. Similarly, “Came To Rage” shows off Sullivan King’s bass house, bringing the energy up. 

The addition of strings and piano in the last song, “It’s Gonna Hurt,” brings Thrones of Blood to an emotional end, finishing the album with a (slightly) more mellow track that contrasts with the menacing opening. For metalheads and dubstep fans alike, his fourth album is packed with songs for bass lovers. 

The “Thrones of Blood” tour will begin on March 23rd in Denver and end on May 12th in Chicago. Vastive, Level Up, Benda, Yookie, and Kai Wachi will join Sullivan King on the road. Get your tickets to the massive tour here.  

Sullivan King announced his third album in November of last year, giving listeners five months to prepare for the hard-hitting record. Listen to Thrones of Blood is available on all streaming platforms now. 

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