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Headbangers rejoice! Sullivan King announced his newest album, Thrones of Blood, today. The album will be released in March of 2023. It is his third record following his first album, Show Some Teeth, and sophomore album, Loud.

Since debuting in 2014, Sullivan King has made his mark on the bass music scene. By skillfully blending metal and EDM, he has garnered a solid community from fans of various genres. His live vocals and fast guitar solos create an electric energy that floods the crowd. Sullivan King’s music is a mosh pit in its own right.

His newest remix of “Laserbeam” by Ray Volpe – “Laserscream” – takes the dubstep anthem to a new level by adding heavy drums and guitar riffs. Sullivan King’s original songs and remixes appeal to any lover of rock, electronic music, or heavy metal. 

The California native is currently playing shows around the United States and was announced to play The Thunderdome on February 3rd. With one million listeners on Spotify, it is no doubt that Sullivan King will continue to amass much-deserved popularity as he blurs the lines between genres. 

This is not a release to miss! Pre-save the Thrones of Blood here.

Check out his upcoming shows here

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