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Ganja White Night proves time and time again to bring unmatchable stage energy with each show better than the last, creating unforgettable memories for anyone lucky enough to witness it.

Many dance music fans argue that the fans who swarm the crowd for each Ganja White Night performance are some of the best in the scene. With a diverse and unique style that consistently sets them apart from other artists in the industry, they’ve been able to captivate fans of many different subgenres.

Ganja White Night has just announced another event for 2023 that will surely be one for the books. Wobble Coliseum will be taking place on July 7-8 at the Hampton Coliseum. These two days are absolutely packed with industry superstars who never disappoint.

Friday, catch sets from Boogie T, Dirt Monkey back-to-back Jantsen, Subdocta back-to-back Jaenga, and of course, Subcarbon back-to-back (well, everyone.) Saturday brings equally as much heat with Of the Trees, Truth back-to-back Widdler, NotLo back-to-back Veil, and Jon Casey.

The entirety of Ganja White Night’s discography and production concepts were based on an alternate reality/universe imagined by the two talented artists themselves. It’s safe to say each time Ganja White Night steps on stage fans are transported to this world, and immersed in a life-changing experience, rather than just witnessing a performance.

Attendants coming from all over are no doubt planning to be welcomed by fans with open arms and accepting hearts, some sweet basslines that set the vibes of the night to perfection, and top-notch production and stage energy, each Ganja White Night event only gets better.

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