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Seven Lions took viewers on a cinematic journey to Lake Kachess, Washington, to play a DJ set. For the first two minutes, Seven Lions makes his way to the top of a snowy mountain. 

The soothing, melodic instrumental fits the wintery landscape perfectly and sets the tone for the rest of the hour-long set. 

His DJ set begins with “Between (feat. Eli Teplin),” the fourth track on his newest album Beyond The Veil. The mood is lifted slightly with an acoustic version of “A Way to Say Goodbye.” The track is emotional and melodic, continuing the sound of the first song. 

“A Way to Say Goodbye (Acoustic)” is mixed into “Let Go (feat. Fiora)” with a punchy beat. 

His collaboration with Andrew Bayer, “Returning To You (feat Alison May),” adds melodic house to the set. Gem & Tauri’s “Miss You (feat. GG Magree)” remix builds off of the previous track with progressive house drops. 

Seven Lions twists Jason Ross and MitiS’ “Take You Home” into a different vibe with hard hitting future bass.

The set has seven tracks from Beyond The Veil (Deluxe). Seven Lions plays “Between,” future bass track, “Never Learn (feat. Mija),” and “Call On Me (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic).” 

“Brightest Light (feat. Dotter)” plays with quicker tempos and nostalgic sounds before going into “Every Time (feat. So Below) [ID Remix]” that is not included on any albums. Heavy dubstep build-ups and drops take over the melodic drops of the original before a surprising hardstyle breakdown rounds the track out. 

The heart wrenching songs, “Falling Fast (feat. GG Magree)” and “Stop Thinking (feat. Lights)” are played back-to-back. The set ends with the oldest track played, “Leaving Earth,” After primarily playing songs from 2022, the closing song was released seven years ago in 2016 on his album, Creation.

Seven Lions at Lake Kachess in Washington is a beautiful set complimented by a gorgeous landscape. The melodic dubstep producer’s music is dripping with emotion and substance. 

Watch the set on YouTube or on Amazon Music. 

Listen to Seven Lions’ most-recent album, Beyond The Veil (Deluxe), here. Read more about the original and deluxe records here and here

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