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Although you have might’ve seen Seven Lions multiple times throughout the decade. it seems like he is just getting started.

Seven Lions also known as “Jeff Montalvo” has finally released his anticipated debut album “Beyond The Veil” via Ophelia Records, and it does not disappoint. The melodic dubstep guru kicked off his album, releasing singles such as “Every Time” featuring So Below & “Call On Me” featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Seven Lions also reunited with Lights to drop a fan favourite from the album “Stop Thinking”.

Although the album lacks what Seven Lions is a bit more known for with the likes of psytrance, and heavy bass. Lions dove deep into his melodic dubstep passion and came out with an absolute masterpiece of an album hitting you with powerful and meaningful lyrics from various tracks off the album.

Many listeners, including us, think Seven Lions hit the jackpot with “Beyond The Veil”, but we’ll let you decide that.


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