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Deathpact has dropped their most-recent EP, MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 04 on their record label Deathpact. It has two songs, following the pattern of their last three releases.

“AXIOM” begins with a piano playing in a minor key. The melody carries through the rest of the track and is the prominent instrument heard. A simple drum beat compliments piano before the drop, eventually overpowering it during the build-ups and drops. 

Deathpact’s dark sound eventually comes through, contradicting the piano that precedes and follows the drops. 

The second track, “PRETEND,” takes a sharp turn from the first song. It opens with a mesmerizing synth and vocals. The floaty bass and sad lyrics have a way of making the listener’s chest tight with emotion. 

Hidden by a mask and a hood, Deathpact immediately garnered attention with their anonymity and mysterious messages when they began making music in 2018. 

The MIDHEAVEN: OPUS project has been in the making since October, 2022, when “ACHROMATIC (YOI)” and “SOOTHSAYER” were released on MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 01. The EP’s bass gets insanely low, showing off their dark tones.

 Photo by @dnz_media

“BACK FROM THE DEAD” on MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 02 is a mid tempo Halloween-esque song. Quicker drum patterns help form a dramatic ending. “FALLING” slows the listening experience down with melodic harmonies. Similar to “PRETEND,” the song is emotional.

MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 03’s first song, “BDASWY,” matches the vibe and low frequencies of “BACK FROM THE DEAD” with a spooky, dark theme. ”SONG SEVEN” may have the lowest bass out of every single released thus far. 

Listen to MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 04, as well as MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 01, 02, and 03, on any music platform. They will be going on tour in the United States from April to May. Get tickets here.

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