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N3WPORT and Luxtides have released their uplifting collaboration, “Morning Light,” complete with raw lyrics and fuzzy feelings. The track begins with dreamy chimes, beautifully building up to the hook, “You’re golden like the morning light.” Capturing the warmth of summer, Luxtide’s genuine lyrics and N3WPORT’s vibrant synths and emotional drops have created a fun song. 

Luxtide’s captivating vocals and lyrics induce feelings of nostalgia while the instrumental keeps listeners dancing. On Instagram, the singer-songwriter wrote that the single, written with Corey Lerue, has been one of her favorite songs to write. She said, “We wanted it to feel like a warm hug on a chilly day, that first cup of cinnamon coffee in the morning, like realizing you’re falling in love and knowing it’s right.” 

N3WPORT echoed the sentiment, saying, “It was fun to write something so positive and beautiful with Luxtides – something that makes you think about the sunrise as the sunsets. I loved the ease with which we created, in my opinion, the perfect song to drive with the windows down to.”

The artist has been furthering the sound of melodic dubstep since 2015. While staying true to his electronic roots, he adds pop and pop-punk influences to his tunes. “Morning Light” leans into a brighter side of future bass and pop, one that N3WPORT is familiar with.

The Washington D.C.-based producer consistently releases music, giving listeners a variety of tracks to choose from, whether they are in the mood to cry or dance. He has performed at festivals like EDC and Moonrise Festival and joined MitiS, JVNA, Kompany, and more on tours. 

N3WPORT is creating fresh music as he rises in the scene and “Morning Light” is taking it a step further. Listen to “Morning Light” by N3WPORT featuring Luxtides here: 

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