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Well-known dance music powerhouse Illenium has amassed one of the largest followings in the scene as a direct result of his reputation of releasing track after track that only improves in technicality and diversity. Illenium never fails to pack out every show he plays, no matter the size, with a sea of fans screaming the words to every track. 

It’s no doubt that another reason Illenium continues to rise in popularity each year is likely the melancholic essence of his music that brings out the euphoric dance music feels that every EDM fan has been consistently chasing. 

Photo by Rukes

With live sets, he’s been known to bring some heavier dubstep tracks than his typical releases, having fans of all sub-genres in awe with a new level of respect for Illenium as a well-rounded producer. With each set as well as each track release, fans rediscover how versatile his talents as an artist are.

Illenium fans have been in shambles after he deleted all of his Instagram posts and changed his profile picture, a surefire signifier that we might be expecting a very exciting announcement. Shortly following this, Illenium announced on January 17 that his fifth album, a prequel to “Trilogy” will be titled “Illenium” and will be released on April 28, 2023.

Photo by Rukes

Illenium stated that this album will be a combination of his core sound mixed with something new and fresh to cultivate an album undoubtedly filled with authentic and unique tracks. He stated it’s meant to be played live with a band, which will definitely set him aside from other artists as he branches out with this new addition to his style. Fans are looking forward to tour dates being released later this week.

Photo by Illenium

While he often will mix in a variety of different styles, he never strays too far from his classic style of heavy drops adding emphasis to each emotion-filled lyric. Illenium’s music has become an outlet for fans of dance music and all music genres alike. With the mixture of pop-style lyrics and dreamy bass, Illenium’s music has had a huge impact on the dance community as well as inspired other artists to create similar styles of music.

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