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The time has come for headbangers to secure their Lost Lands tickets. As January 20th approaches, Lost Lands has made a masterlist of all of the improvements being made in 2023. The annual bass festival put on by Excision is highly anticipated and draws massive crowds. 

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The festival has only grown bigger since its creation in 2017, getting bass lovers from all around the world to travel to Ohio. By continuously asking attendees about their experience, Lost Lands proves that they are susceptible to creating change by listening to their community. 

A majority of the improvements seem to be made for accessibility and helping attendees get through lines faster. 

The Prehistoric Stage will have a bigger area for the audience , allowing people to enter and exit the crowd more easily than before. On the first day of the fest, doors and music will open two hours earlier. Those with VIP passes will be able to enter from a different area than the main entrance with more lanes.

Just like last year, there will be add-ons to access the festival and pre-parties early on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. There are nine different options for camping with cars, tents, RVs, and other passes for Jurassic Glamping. 

There will be an increased amount of bigger merchandise booths with more sellers. These will include limits on popular items and a separate VIP booth. 

Many campsites will have quicker paths to the entrances, bathrooms, and showers. On top of this, there will be more showers and porta potties around the grounds. This includes Jurassic Glamping and the VIP areas. 

WiFi and Internet access will be more available and stable. Chargers will also be available for rent. 

One of the best parts of festivals is connecting with others. Remember to respect those around you and maintain reasonable volume levels when camping. Speakers must be 11 x 5 x 5 inches or smaller. Late night sets at Raptor Valley will be able to accommodate more people with more announcements coming for silent discos and other late night stages. 

One of the most exciting announcements is that they are working on making the food more affordable. 

Lost Lands is one of the biggest electronic festivals and continuously exceeds expectations every year. No lineup has been announced, but we all know it will be just as stacked as years prior.

Tickets for Lost Lands will be available here starting on January 20th. 

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