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Music producer Ravenscoon from San Francisco crushes the scene with every authentic track drop and development of his wide-ranging style. Clearly demonstrating his talents as a well-rounded producer with each new release, he showcases his talent in each and every style.

Following the news that his debut album is in the works, Ravenscoon released a four-track EP, demonstrating his effortless melodic dubstep talent, veering off the path of his typical experimental bass style. The “Translucent” EP is sprinkled with some melodic, downtempo flair as well as his classic style resulting in an EP that truly captures the “translucent” essence.

Fans are ecstatic to hear Ravenscoon branching out as an artist, and representing a well-rounded music producer who can create quality tracks every time. Ravenscoon‘s new EP is a top-tier example of how to experiment with something new while still incorporating sounds the people know and love.

After the “Translucent” EP proved to be a no-skip downtempo sensation incorporating the essence of hard wave and future garage, fans are on the edges of their seats to see what the future holds for Ravenscoon, and to hear his debut album.

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