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Corbin is making waves while slightly changing direction with his new release “Clockin’ Out”, which proves to be a groovy, experimental bass journey.  With this release, it’s clear that Corbin is slightly diverting from his well-known dark dubstep vibe to demonstrate his skills as a talented, well-versed producer in multiple genres, thoroughly exploring each end of the dance music spectrum.

Released under his side project CHEMISTREE, fans are elated by the fresh new release bringing a crisp display of production talent, undoubtedly heading straight to fans’ playlists. Combining his natural authentic style with an experimental bass touch, Corbin has cultivated an incredibly eccentric and electric track as CHEMISTREE. Fans will no doubt be ecstatic to hear more tracks from CHEMISTREE, following Corbin/CHEMISTREE on his musical journey as he explores true depth with his music and displays more of himself and his eccentric style.

An unforgettable playout of “Clockin’ Out” during LSDREAM’s back-to-back with Griz at the Okeechobee Music Festival was met with an unmatchable crowd reaction. Not long after, Corbin announced the track will hit music streaming networks this Friday, May 26.

The track, being an outward display of versatile musical talent and proof of an ear for true depth, takes fans on a ride through multiple different bass lines that touch on several punchy but rhythmic beats that are guaranteed to have massive crowds in a trance, hanging on to every last beat.





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