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With different-pitched chimes, quick build-ups, and compelling drops, Whales’ new single “New Worlds” captures the producer’s exploration into new sounds. Whales began creating “New Worlds” in 2020 before abandoning the project and rediscovering it in 2022. The track was first previewed at Thunderdome in February, leaving listeners wanting more. 

Whales began learning how to play his first instrument at seven years old, effectively creating a foundation to eventually produce dark, future bass and dubstep. “New Worlds” further explores Whales’ style and combination of bass genres. From emotional to bass-heavy music and a huge sense of determination, there is no doubt that he will continue to evolve.

The producer has worked with prominent names in the industry including Excision, Hairitage, and Kayzo. On top of this, Whales’ music has garnered over a billion streams since he began releasing music in 2013. His track, “Dead To Me,” earned places on Spotify and YouTube charts, continuing his rise. 

The artist has promised that he will be announcing more exciting projects as the year continues.

“New Worlds” is out now on all streaming platforms. Listen to it on Soundcloud here: 

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