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Headbangers may find themselves in a sort of dubstep-deprived limbo, as we are over six months past Lost Lands 2022 with roughly six more months until the return to Legend Valley in 2023. In an effort to sooth the time biding, Excision just released his highly anticipated Lost Lands 2022 compilation LP.

The compilation is loaded with 30 high energy bass tracks from Lost Lands featured artists both new and old.

Photo from @Excision on Twitter

Included are nine previously unreleased IDs from artists pushed in Excision’s iconic Lost Lands Friday 2 hour set.

The new releases come courtesy of Freaky and VRG, Dubscribe, Deucez, Brainrack, AlienPark and Usaybflow, Humansion, Nvrt, Blaize and Crvntis, and VLCN.

From @Excision on Twitter

Now, it’s not time travel, but a couple hours of soul crushing bass curated by the dubstep don himself is about as good as it gets in the springtime lull while we await the Lost Lands 2023 lineup and the festival itself.

The Lost Lands 2022 compilation LP is out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

And tickets for Lost Lands 2023 are on sale now at:

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