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Tape B’s second EP, A Dose of Nostalgia, does just that – offers listeners a glimpse into dubstep’s past and the sounds that make that era of electronic dance music up. 

The EP consists of five tracks. All of them stay consistent with Tape B’s signature hip-hop and dubstep combinations. Every song is just as intriguing as the last.

“Exposed” opens the album with an experimental feel led by crazy synthesizers and deep bass, followed by “i wont be ur drug.” It begins with piano before being complemented by Tape B’s classic basslines and drops with vocal chops. 

The third song, “Blaze” is groovy at the beginning before going into a dirty drop full of deep bass. “Purple Rain” and “Used To” finish out the EP with a similar vibe while still staying intriguing and interesting. 

As stated in his Twitter biography, Tape B does an amazing job creating older, nostalgic music with a newer twist.

The entire EP is composed of tracks that will transport you back into the early days of dubstep. Every track complements the other well, creating a record with substance and different sounds that will convince you to continue listening. 

Check out A Dose of Nostalgia here

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