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Over the last few years, Tape B has been excelling in his career and picking up a band of enthusiastic fans along the way that waits eagerly for each release. With each track he releases, fans are blown away by the developments made in his style and unique basslines.

Typically mixing two classic styles of dubstep old school and new school, Tape B seemingly effortlessly curates electric tracks that take their own unique spin on these styles. Not to mention, he clearly doesn’t stray from creating original music and keeping up an energetic stage presence. Tape B hasn’t slowed down on cultivating eccentric, original tracks that have been bringing something fresh to the dubstep community since day one. 

Photo By Natalia Martinez

With each release, Tape B further proves his extended talents as a producer by not only successfully flipping a rap song with his signature sound but displaying his talent and versatility as a producer to mix two styles of music and create something that so many people can agree on their love for, whether or not they typically listen to both genres.

Photo by Tape B on Instagram

Following the release of his album “Dose of Nostalgia” in November of this year, on December 22 Tape B finally released his long-awaited flip of Mac Miller’s “In the Bag” (Feat Juicy J & Schoolboy Q) on Soundcloud. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this release of the legendary track, especially after pining over snippets heard during his sets.

Tape B gives fans a “Dose of Nostalgia” with his music combining the old-school dubstep that everyone’s so incredibly nostalgic for while combining it with some, fresh, new-school beats that create the ultimate combination. Tape B announced this will be his last track release of 2022, and with such an epic track taking the year out with a bang, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Tape B in 2023.

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