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Back in 2017, it all began when SoDown announced his debut at the place he had first been drawn into the scene. This was Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 11, supporting Pretty Lights. Since then, he’s continued to prove himself as a versatile musician and his recent album release highlights that.

SoDown is a Colorado-based artist who’s been gaining a lot of traction based on his articulate combination of saxophone music and bass music. He’s proved further with each release that he is very versatile in all subgenres of EDM and all genres of music alike. 

Photo by Frankie Lee

With the release of his first official album Worlds Beyond on November 4, 2022, it’s undeniable that he showcases his ability to combine a wide range of music types, including classic instruments as well as technical production. This album has a wide range of emotions and lyrics to be interpreted further. That, with the combination of his production, creates unique music sprinkled with emotional references that will make you think.

There are many different concepts of life that are seen throughout the eleven-track album, and listening to each one is nothing short of a musical and emotional journey.

Photo by @sodownbassmusic on Instagram

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