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Two of the masterminds in the bass music industry look to be teaming up for what would be a massive collab. Rezz is highly regarded as one of the most unique producers in the industry, with dark sounds, slow tempos, and hypnotic visuals. Svdden Death is another artist who, over the years, has damn near perfected his demonic, evil sound design. Recently, he has dived into the slow tempos as well with the yvm3 alias; alongside Yakz and Marauda, the 3 of them have made the slow tempo of their songs a focal point.

The timing is right, the storm is perfect, the stars are aligning for Rezz and Svdden Death to create a masterpiece together.

Rezz tweeting about the project in the works.

This tweet by itself is likely to generate a lot of commotion in the rave community. Both artists have generated huge followings over the years, obviously for good reason. They know how to put on a show, they’re awesome, likable human beings and they each have a deep, unique discography.

In the past, they have both been vocal in their respect and admiration for each other as artists, and today could be a significant landmark in creating something special together.

Rezz has already had a big year for announcements and we’re only halfway through February. Between Rezz Rocks, the REZZMAU5 debut set and the tweet above, she certainly knows how to keep things fresh, and keep her fans happy and excited for more.

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