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Rising rapidly in popularity with each heavy dubstep track he releases and each unforgettable set, Perry Wayne has made a name for himself by never failing to throw down some of the deepest, darkest dubstep imaginable.

Since the start of his career, Perry Wayne has acquired quite the cult following from his heavy basslines, out of this world production and ridiculous stage energy.  Now the powerful, intergalactic essence of his music comes to life with the official launch of Wayne Enterprises.

Photo by Nathen Lane

Kicking off an epic show at the Ogden in Denver Colorado on December 17, Perry Wayne introduced himself as the supreme leader of the galaxy, establishing order in a shattered world and laying the groundwork for an empire. His distinctive sound and eccentric, cinematic debut of Wayne Enterprises is sure to have headbangers bowing down for years to come. After all, there’s no better way to introduce the beginning of Wayne Enterprises’ space bass aristocracy than at the bass capital itself. 

From the beginning of the intro until the last moment of his set, fans were transported to an interstellar eutopia hit by a wave of destruction, ruled by the wicked Perry Wayne. The debut of Wayne Enterprises also presented a captivating array of brand new visuals, as well as a quintessential new wardrobe concept that even further elevates the intensity and originality of Wayne Enterprises. 

Photo by Nathen Lane

Ending the show with the same explosive energy it began with, Perry Wayne closed out the legendary night with an insanely heavy remix of Nightmare and Virtual Riot’s “Teardrop” that has fans on the edge of their seats awaiting the release date. 

Perry Wayne teased a handful of unreleased tracks that are sure to make an appearance on everyone’s dubstep playlists as soon as they’ve been released. His remix of Slander’s “Half Way Down” proved to be nothing short of otherworldly, and his hard hitting collaboration with Crankdat had a sea of heavy bass fiends going absolutely wild.   

Photo by Nathen Lane

Fans can look forward to new music coming out in 2023, which will no doubt embody everything that Wayne Enterprises represents, simultaneously being packed full of top tier tracks. With such an original concept that has yet to be done by other artists in the scene to a similar degree, it’s no doubt Perry Wayne will rule heavy bass with the same power and authenticity that’s uniquely represented in Wayne Enterprises. 

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