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The king of tearout has been perfecting his craft for years, and with every new MARAUDA track dropped, we seem to continue asking ourselves how a man can make music that has your facial expression looking like THAT. On Friday, he added the duo of ‘INSTRUMENT OF THE RAIDER’ and ‘REALM OF THE DAMNED’ to the collection, the latter being the same title as the two-track EP.

Both of these tracks have very distinctive drops, and if you’ve listened to any MARAUDA sets on YouTube or Soundcloud in the past year, you may recognize or remember them. ‘REALM OF THE DAMNED’ has been used as an opening drop on multiple occasions in past sets, and for good reason. The gritty sound design that put him on the map, combined with a buildup and drop that feels almost like a volcano eruption, really gets the people going right away. These two tracks very much embody the sort of “all gas, no brakes” energy that his music has always had. The release of these two new tracks comes a couple weeks after recently dropping a mix with 12 new IDs ‘THE FACELESS’.

Out of the 12 IDs in the mix, these were the first two out of the bunch to be unleashed. The mix includes a work in progress collab with Subtronics, as well as a fresh, scintillating version of his remix of ‘WTF’ by Herobust. There are a lot more heaters on there, and we can only hope that they’re the next tracks he releases sometime soon.


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