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One of the biggest names in the underground dubstep world over the last couple years has done it again, with LOUIEJAYXX unveiling 4 new smashing tracks with their latest EP ‘Eternity.’ These IDs have been played out by some of the biggest names on the biggest stages over the course of 2022, and they’re finally here for us to rage.

The title track ‘Eternity’ in particular has been floating around the heaviest of sets for a while now; with such a distinctive tease leading up to the punishing drop, it’s one of those tracks that perks your ears up in a crowd when you realize the mayhem that’s about to ensue. The other 3 tracks, including their collab with Felmax, ‘BLACKNOVA,’ also create the sort of energy that makes you want to throw your weight around in a moshpit.

LOUIEJAYXX announcing the release of the EP.

These boys have quickly ascended the ranks and earned their way to some of the biggest festivals in a short period of time, including opening the Wompy Woods stage at Lost Lands. They also went B2B with their close friend RZRKT at Thunderdome this past February. All of the tracks off their newest EP got the full showcase during that insane B2B set, and they got a ton of production to go crazy with as well.

LOUIEJAYXX and RZRKT together before their huge Thunderdome B2B. (@Louiejayxx on IG)

The sky is the limit for them over the foreseeable future, as they continue to work hard and stomp their footprint on to the scene. Their distinctive sound design has been making waves to the point where you can already tell when a song was produced by them, even this early on in their budding journey.

As far as they have come, they’re only just getting started. Keep your eyes out, they’re going to be on lineups for a long time. Stream their ‘Eternity’ EP below:

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