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For a number of years now, 2 of the biggest names in the dubstep scene have been changing the game. At long last, Dion Timmer and Kompany combined their distinctive sound designs to create a massive tune that’s sure to be played out around the heavy bass community for years to come. The track came out this past Friday on Subsidia Records.

One can only imagine what those “other ones” might sound like.

You can hear the light-hearted vocal production and melodic buildup, that has become a staple in Dion Timmer‘s classic bangers over the years, in the beginning of the song. And sure enough in the drop, you can hear the behemoth, heavy-hitting sound design that has ascended Kompany to the highest tiers of the dubstep world. The way these two styles were blended together was everything we could have hoped for out of the two artists.

The guys have been friends for a long time, and you can almost hear their chemistry together in the art itself. Dion Timmer and Kompany have gone B2B on several occasions over the years, including events such as Thunderdome and Forbidden Kingdom. If you ever get the chance to witness that, you should probably take the opportunity. Aside from the necessary face-melters, the two really create a fun sort of energy together when they share the decks.

A lot of the artists that go B2B with each other at the biggest festivals usually already have, or end up eventually having, a collab together. Now, we can check these two legends off that list as well. We can only hope that they get around to finishing those other works in progress someday.

Stream ‘Parallels’ below:

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