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Jiqui’s new single, “Sonar,” is a rollercoaster from beginning to end with surprising drops and “extremely low frequencies.” The track is choppy, the build-ups are intense, and the drops are wobbly.

Jiqui has been establishing himself in the bass music scene for a decade, combining dubstep and trap. Jiqui’s darker, heavier sound is captured flawlessly in “Sonar.” 

The producer’s mechanical sounds are carried through the track. The first and second drops are deep and worth a listen for bass lovers. 

His most recent release, “Cataclysm,” is a staggering twenty-two minutes long and effectively takes the listener through a journey. “Sonar” feels like a sequel to “Cataclysm” by sharing the same (or similar?) vocals and message. 

Jiqui has played sets at iconic festivals like Lost Lands and Forbidden Kingdom. We got the inside scoop from Jiqui, and this year is going to be filled with highly anticipated releases, very exciting show announcements, and much more.

Listen to “Sonar” on all streaming platforms. 

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