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Thunderdome produced all sorts of headline moments and never before seens this past weekend.

One of those moments came during Wooli’s set on Sunday night.

In sort of a roles reversed situation, Excision came out during Wooli’s set to premier their latest brand new collab ID.

This one is an instant certified banger.

The collab features vocals from a familiar voice, Annika Wells. For you Illenials out there, Annika’s pipes may evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. She belts the vocal ballads on ‘Crawl Outta Love’, ‘Nightlight’, and ‘Sad Songs’.

Photo of Annika Wells by

Codeko also joins in the creative production of this track, as he reunites with Wooli for the first time since their collab ‘Crazy’.

Photo of Codeko by edm

Of note, this collab comes on the heels of the release of Excision and Wooli’s collab ‘Titans’. ‘Titans’ has been confirmed to be the title track of the next Excision Wooli collab EP, which will include prior release ‘Name Drop’ as well. So, it would seem to make sense for this track to also feature.

Considering it just received its first rinse this past weekend, a release date has not been announced for the track. But needless to say, this has immediately become one of the most anticipated IDs of 2023.

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