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Ilan Bluestone is known to many as a true artist and progressive house/trance prodigy, taking listeners on an ethereal trip with every release. Last month following his announcement of a 2023 tour, fans are ecstatic to experience the euphoric high of Ilan Bluestone’s eccentric trance music.

Especially with different subgenres of house finally getting the recognition they deserve, Ilan Bluestone surely shows no sign of slowing down soon with clean-cut production artistry demonstrated in every track. Ilan Bluestone just released his single “On Me” which is a perfect representation of this, and has surely earned its spot on creamy dance music playlists everywhere.

After experiencing the ultimately fresh track that Ilan Bluestone released this week, fans of progressive house/trance can’t wait to catch one of the trance icon’s sets and make memories they’ll take with them forever. Ilan Bluestone has amassed no doubt quite the following of fans who crave euphoric trance track after the next. With his classic but fresh and authentic sound, Ilan Bluestone in turn creates music capable of being loved widely by all kinds of music fans.

Ilan Bluestone announced a variety of dates in the US and Canada in 2023, with more to be announced soon. Fans can’t wait to experience his energetic yet hypnotic style. By embracing this style, he does an incredible job of keeping crowds dancing and euphoric energy throughout. As a result hand in hand with his recent release, fans are eager to catch one of his 2023 sets.

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