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British trance icon Gareth Emery has just revealed his new world tour.

The ‘Missing You Tour’ will kick things off this spring, and is set to last through the end of summer. Gareth Emery will perform in eight different U.S. cities and three cities in Canada, along with making stops in Germany, Belgium, and the U.K.

This is also just phase 1 of the tour, so there are surely many more cities that will witness the latest Gareth Emery spectacle.

The tour is named after Gareth’s forthcoming EP, ‘Missing You’. The title track has already been captivating crowds in his recent live shows.

The EP has yet to be given a release date, but its feature tracks will surely be getting rinses all throughout the tour.

Gareth Emery is revered for his enchanting builds, majestic drops, and enthralling production. This tour will feature the height of the Gareth Emery experience.

Tickets are on sale now:

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