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The monstrous duo that Excision and Wooli has become is back at it again, this time adding an interesting and rather unexpected third party into the mix. The Devil Wears Prada have been creating hits of their own for years, with their heavy sound referred to as “metalcore”, and they now have a collab with a different set of giants in the heavy music world.

TDWP announcing the track’s release just 2 days ago on Monday.

Listening to it the first couple times, the song almost might remind you of a similar monstrous collab ‘Feel Something’, with Illenium and Excision featuring I Prevail as the band in that one, versus The Devil Wears Prada in this one, with X and Wooli. Both songs feature a first drop that is more on the side of rock mixed with electronic elements, transitioning into a filthy second drop that resembles the classic heavier dubstep sound that we’re used to from Excision.

This marks the 3rd release that Excision and Wooli have dropped together in recent months. It follows the bass anthem that is ‘Name Drop’, as well as ‘Titans’ that showed off their bass house styles. Excision, at one point, said that they had a collab EP that was also going to be called ‘Titans’, so it remains to be seen whether they have more music to release. One can imagine they’re probably not done.

What’s interesting about this song dropping is the timing and the surprise. This song was never teased or played out in any of their recent festival sets. The fact that they announced it just 2 days before its release certainly was a pleasant surprise for a lot of people in the EDM community.

Cross-genre collabs are becoming more and more frequent across the electronic landscape, with a lot of interesting and sometimes random creations. For example, here’s a funny one from a tweet today.

Anyways, the trio of Excision, Wooli and TDWP certainly came together and created a pretty solid track. It’s going to be fun to hear this one live more often in the coming months. Stream ‘Reasons’ below:

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