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Since he started making music in 2017, DRINKURWATER has displayed his clear talent for effortlessly combining an assortment of sounds that are typically seen produced separately. With the release of his new EP, he’s sure to keep making waves in the EDM community.

DRINKURWATER spilled some fresh new beats into the EDM scene on November 11 with his new EP Super Soaker. The EP is short and sweet yet doesn’t stray from being absolutely soaked with diverse basslines.

Photo by @itsdrinkurwater on Instagram

DRINKURWATER made clear his abilities as a well-rounded producer with this release. Both tracks contrast gritty, heavy beats with ambient tones that flow cohesively, leading to the product of this quality production-packed EP. 

This effortless transition back and forth throughout his music is sure to set his path to the top. He’s already played international festivals and received support from some big names in the industry, Liquid Stranger and Excision

Be sure to check out DRINKURWATER’s new EP Super Soaker to satisfy your need for some new, top-notch production to add to your playlist.







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