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Bonnie X Clyde, otherwise known as Daniel Litman and Paige Lopynski, have been longtime friends who share their passion for creating music that people can grow from and connect with, encouraging their music to grow with them.

Released November 11, their debut album Tears In Paradise, does just that and conveys the array of feelings that come with hurt and healing following a heartbreak. Through this album, they’ve proved themselves as versatile artists with the capability of connecting with every emotion in their music.

Photo by Bonnie x Clyde

Each track takes you on a journey of the personal emotional trials that the duo has been facing since the fate of Bonnie X Clyde was up in the air a couple of years ago. The album perfectly embodies the meaning of Tears In Paradise, conveying the feeling of peaceful pain and starting anew, a very bittersweet concept.

Photo by Bonnie X Clyde

While most past music by Bonnie X Clyde has been more high-energy dance music, they took a slight detour into a more emotional melodic house in this album. This change represents the transition from carefree, simpler times to healing after the fall and optimism for the future. This further reiterated the meaning of Tears In Paradise, and the feelings of euphoric hope and melancholy that follow putting the pieces back together after a heartbreak.

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