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Cyclops has just announced that he’ll be joining artist duo ATLienz for his Cyclops tour and announced a handful of dates that fans have been raving about in the cities included. Cyclops has made a quick ascent to popularity by cultivating unique, eccentric tracks that don’t stop improving and always bring something fresh to the table. 

Cyclops has been dropping unique track after track that both gets people moving and, also blows their minds with funky beats and basslines that they can’t get enough of. It’s no doubt ATLienz music has that same essence and fans are excited to see the way their sets will complement each other on tour. 

The unique pre-drop vocals and sound effects that Cyclops utilizes in each of his tracks play a big part in setting him apart from other artists. His energetic stage energy and connection to the crowd make each of his sets even more unforgettable. Fans are excited to get the opportunity to watch a set on the Cyclops tour as well as watch him grow more and more this year.

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