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‘Blow Ya Mind’ by innovative weird bass producer Cool Customer has finally been released on Subtronics’ Cyclops Records.

The track has garnered a wave of interest over the past year, as it has been a signature part of many Subtronics sets throughout his latest tour run.

As is evident from its namesake and the signature chord progression, the track is strongly influenced by and almost operates as an unofficial remix of the early 2000’s hip hop hit ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ by Eve and Gwen Stefani and produced by Dr. Dre.

The sampled Dr. Dre chord sequence is integral to the showmanship and flair of ‘Blow Ya Mind’ before it reaches the climactic, muddy bass drops.

The track marks the latest in Cool Customers steady rise onto the electronic music scene. His unique bass roll outs and free-flowing production sequences clearly draw influence from all over the musical spectrum. As he continues to try to carve out his own unique lane, it will be exciting to witness what else Cool Customer has in store.

Stream ‘Blow Ya Mind’ now.

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