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From the very beginning of the year in January, Subtronics kicked off one of the biggest years of his career when he dropped his debut album Fractals. After dropping singles and EPs for many years, this was his moment to tell a story and take the next step in his releases.

Subtronics announcing his debut album release.

He proceeded to go on tour playing this album out all over the country over the course of almost 3 months, in over 50 cities.

Subtronics Fractal tour schedule early in 2022.

“Cyclops Army has come a long [expletive] way!” A quote spoken multiple times by Jesse himself when addressing crowds in past sets. There is certainly some truth to that.

The Philly kid doesn’t forget where he came from, and how far his career has ascended. From small venues and small crowds, to festivals like Electric Forest, as well as closing out the Lost Lands mainstage on a Saturday night back in September.

Subtronics recapping his Lost Lands experience.

One memory that certainly can’t be left out of this article, was the birth of him going B2B with edmtrain’s Artist of the Year, John Summit, that began at an Electric Forest RV late night. Whether you’d rather call them “Subjohnics” or “Johntronics,” they caught a ton of attention and created a huge buzz of conversation. They then proceeded to go even bigger with it at the Lost Lands pre-party. They crushed the mainstage together on Thursday and got the party started for a weekend of heavy bass.

John Summit and Subtronics together at Legend Valley

To close out an already eventful year, Cyclops Cove 2 in Boca Raton was a huge success for the Subtronics team, an article I’ve previously written about in-depth. The 2-day event at Sunset Cove Amphitheater in early December was yet another example of how far Cyclops Army has come and the beautiful fanbase he has cultivated over the years.

After the festival was over, he surprised everyone with the announcement of his VIP + remix album ANTIFRACTALS, dropping that very same week only 5 days after his festival concluded.

Subtronics expressing his gratitude and excitement for the release of ANTIFRACTALS.

His work ethic over the years has proven to be unbelievable, and not only does he consistently strive to give his fans great experiences, he’s proven time and time again what a genuine human he is. 2022 will certainly be one year in his career he looks back on very fondly.

Heading into 2023, he has now announced another months-long tour across the country for ANTIFRACTALS, with a bunch of stacked support joining him. As busy as 2022 was for him, he will look to follow it up with another massive year in 2023.

ANTIFRACTALS 2023 tour schedule.


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