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Alison Wonderland posted on social media today that she and her partner, Ti, are expecting. The surprise announcement was met with an amazing amount of support and congratulations for the couple.

In an interview with The Feed SBS, the producer revealed that prior to 2018, she had been in an abusive relationship that worsened her anxiety and depression. Three years later, the incredibly talented artist opened up to Michelle Tea on the Your Magic podcast about having children in the future. 

After talking about starting a family, Alison stated that when it happens, “You’ll still see me everywhere. It’s just gonna be slightly less after-party sets. But we can deal with that.”

The announcement comes less than a week after the announcement of her first album on her side project, GENESIS. Read more about Whyte Fang’s debut album here. Alison Wonderland has made her name in the electronic music industry with the establishment of her label, FMU Records, her chart-topping tracks, and awards from Electronic Music Awards and Billboard Dance.

Congratulations to Alison Wonderland and her partner, Ti!

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