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The remix compilation for Seven Lions‘ debut album ‘Beyond the Veil’ has dropped, and it delivers.

The album features ten different edits from various producers. Truly every remix is a hit, but a few producers’ takes really stood out.

Trivecta hit a home run with his spin on ‘Between’. A certified dinger, this one is a journey throughout with two chilling builds and three distinctly different drops.

From @its.theVIP on YouTube

The song progresses from a vocal chorus courtesy of Eli Teplin into the first sweet, layered, slightly wonky melodic drop, which is a really nice release. That rolls into an innovative double drop, which features a brain-numbing, spacey bassline. The second set of Eli Teplin vocals follows and crescendos into the closing high-energy, heavy dub drop, with sounds evoking that of a shipping barge colliding alongside a dock.

MitiS’ remix of ‘Stop Thinking’ is a signature euphoric dub track from the melodic bass producer.

The original song is a real standout on Seven Lions’ album, but MitiS was up to the challenge and crafted a banger of his own.

Mitis’ tracks tend to have this almost nostalgic feel to them, and this one is no different. Lights’ vocal ballad is underlined with a build and frisson-inducing downshift before a subsequent powerful melodic bass drop. The track continues sweetly with more vocals from Lights’ and production mutations of what we had before through its delayed bass roll out and closing melodic drop.

Kompany elected to take on the beast that is ‘Every Time’. The high-powered album driver may be one of Seven Lions’ most dynamic tracks of all time. Still, Kompany‘s edit succeeds.

The track begins riding So Below’s chilling vocals. As the first chorus line draws to a close, Kompany transitions into a high-octane, heavy dubstep drop. The drop is a textbook Kompany hammer fist, with his uniquely satisfying industrial layering. This then rolls into an energetic psytrance bassline that completes the double drop.

So Below returns with another emotive chorus, which even includes brand new lyrics not featured in the original song. Kompany then closes with another heinous dubstep drop, composing similar elements of the first.

The ‘Beyond the Veil’ remix album really is a hit through and through. The reworks from Au5, Gem & Tauri, Star Seed, 3LAU, REMNANT.exe, Oddly Godly, and Far Out are all also incredible tracks in their own right.

Check out ‘Beyond the Veil (Remixes)’ on Apple Music and Spotify.

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