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Building off of a successful first year, Cyclops Cove 2 returned to Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Boca Raton last weekend for its second installment.

Among some differences between the first year and the second, this year’s edition contained two days of fun instead of one, and the size of the festival grounds was doubled as a second stage was added.

The second stage featured takeovers from Boogie T’s label Drama Club, as well as Oolacile’s future riddim label Halcyon.

The main stage boasted a heavy-hitting lineup on day one, stacked with artists such as Level Up, Virtual Riot b2b Barely Alive, and He$h b2b Calcium.

Lineup and set times from Cyclops Cove 2 (Bassrush)

Many people over the years have hailed about the wonders of Sunset Cove Amphitheater as a beautiful, intimate and easy-to-navigate venue. From the first couple years of Forbidden Kingdom to Cyclops Cove, the venue has become a known hotspot in south Florida for EDM-related events.

Official site map of Cyclops Cove 2 (Bassrush)

Some notable unique features you can see on the map above, that you don’t often find at many major festivals, are the producer’s corner, sweets kendama booth, and the gaming lounge.

The producer’s corner turned out to be a really cool touch, where anyone who shows up could learn tips and tricks about music production from some very talented artists. Protohype, Boogie T, and Dirt Monkey made appearances and showed off their skills often utilized in their studios.

The gaming lounge was a set of tables towards the central back area of the mainstage by the lake. Anyone who wanted to take a break from the music could sit down and play some FIFA, Madden or Super Smash Bros, a distinct touch that many festivals would never bother with.

Between the producer’s corner, gaming lounge, Sweets Kendamas booth, and the live art exhibits, there were plenty of side activities to enjoy throughout the venue whenever the time came to explore.

Photo of the Sweets Kendamas booth

Back to the music, as Subtronics brought on many up-and-coming artists to showcase their music to a basshead-heavy crowd that understands their style more than most.

Jesse himself played 2 very different sets to close out Saturday and Sunday. Day 1’s set leaned towards a more heavy style and resembled what he has played out at larger scale festival sets. On the contrary, Day 2’s set was full of different genres, old classics mixed with new, and even full songs where both original drops from the song were played out, such as Open Your Mind (Anthology 999).

Photo of Subtronics crushing the mainstage (Bassrush)

Between the success of Cyclops Cove 2 and the release of his remix + VIP album ANTIFRACTALS, which has generated a ton of positive response, the Cyclops Army leader has had himself quite a huge week in his career.


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