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After taking the EDM community by storm since his debut years ago, Subtronics has played a big part in both contributing to the community as well as expanding it. With each release and tour, Subtronics manages to expose more and more people to a scene they had no idea they’d fall in love with. Now, he’s expanding the scene as well as his brand by creating a streetwear line launching on November 23. 

With versatile tracks and a clear display of a wide range of talent, it’s no surprise that Subtronics rose to the top in a short matter of time. With this, he’s continued to use his platform for positivity and picked up several big-time collaborations, headlining a bigger venue each and every year. 

Photo by Forbes

The streetwear line is called the Subtronics Signature Line, taking the merchandise to a whole new level that few in the industry have ever reached. With the top-notch premium quality of current Subtronics merchandise, it’s expected to follow in the new streetwear line. 

With a variety of comfortable streetwear with unique, spacey graphics and a very supportive fanbase, the streetwear line is expected to do very well. Everything in the line is meant to represent his personal style, while also curating a line that you can wear everywhere, bridging the gap between EDM merchandise and day-to-day wear.

Photo By Subtronics Signature Line
Photo By Subtronics Signature Line

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