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Perry Wayne has been throwing down some ridiculously heavy tracks since his debut on the scene which ultimately escalated with the rise of Wayne Enterprises, his new production. The essence of Perry Wayne‘s sets is nothing short of an intergalactic and cinematic experience. With each track, fans are sent on an immersive, interstellar journey. Fans are ecstatic to hear the news that Perry Wayne just officially dropped his long-awaited remix of Seven Lions‘ “Falling Fast” on Soundcloud.

Photo by Megan Burch

Seven Lions has been a ruler of melodic dubstep for some time now, while Perry Wayne has been on a quick incline in building his empire. While having parallel styles that differ from each other greatly, the two styles contrast seemingly effortlessly. With Seven Lions‘ well-loved melodic bass and Perry Wayne‘s out-of-this-world heavy dubstep style, “Falling Fast” will be a remix played out at festivals for years to come.

Photo (and cover) by Megan Burch

While you can pick apart each artist’s authentic style from the track, they complement each other while bringing extreme production talent to the table from both ends of the dance music spectrum. Perry Wayne’s gritty space bass and heavy drops in combination with Seven Lions‘ classic feel-good euphoric dance music style, fans have been trying to hunt this track down for some time now.

With the combination of their two unique, well-rounded styles, this track has the ability to captivate fans from all subgenres, representing the unity between genres that is so desperately needed in the industry. As a result, the “Falling Fast” Seven Lions (Perry Wayne Remix) surely stays on repeat for fans of any type of dance music, proving to be a display of versatile production talent from Perry Wayne.

Perry Wayne‘s “Falling Fast” Seven Lions remix is available to stream here on Soundcloud.

Photo by Nathan Lane






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